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Republic Day 2016

On 26th January 2016, Col. David Devasahayam and Dr. Renuka David and Mr. Alexander David visited Kuzhipanthandalam and Nallathur Village in ECR Sector to distribute gifts for Ashraya Project beneficiaries.
Sarees, Shirts and Dhotis for men and women were distributed to 1083 beneficiaries from 30 villages.

Kuzhipanthandalam Annual Day:

In Kuzhipanthandalam village school Col. David Devasahayam and Dr. Renuka David contributed Rs. 25,000/- towards Annual Day gift Expenses or for any other school development.

Kuzhipanthandalam & Nallathur Village Panchayat School Sponsorship:

Col. David Devasayaham visited the Nallathur Village Panchayat School and offered sponsorship worth Rs. 40,000 for Kuzhipanthandalam school and Rs.1,21,000 for Nallathur Village Panchayat School.